2017 ETH National Championship Men’s and Women’s 10k Results

Men’s Top 3 Results:
1. Andualem Belhu  28፡32.37
2. Muktar Edris 28፡32.74
3. Abadi Hadis 28፡33.33
The men’s 10k race also included 2011 World Champs bronze medalist, Imane Merga, who finished the race in 9th with a time 28:50:95.

Photo Courtesy of Ethiopian’s Runners Ethiopian’s Runners & Fans Page ስለ ሩጫ እየተወያየን እንደግፍ አትሌቶቻችንን

Women’s Results:

1. Dera Dida  33፡58.41
2. Etagegn Woldu 33፡58.95
3. Gebeyanesh Ayalew 34፡00.15


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