Thank you, Tirunesh | In appreciation of Dibaba’s Cross Country/Track Career

We believe Tiruye’s last track race at the IAAF World Championship in London was not recognized and appreciated enough, so we wanted to reflect back on her amazing track and cross country career and what she has done in the world of athletics, wearing team Ethiopia’s singlet!

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Dear Queen of Long Distance Running Tirunesh Dibaba,

Congratulations on your amazing career in cross country and track and thank you so much for what you have done and for inspiring us! What you have done in cross country and track is truly astonishing!!

It has always been amazing to watch you run on the track and cross country thus far and your track and cross country days will truly be missed! It is time for you to shine on the roads now and we are all very excited watching your amazing transition to the roads already! We wish you the very best of luck on the roads ahead!!

Dibaba’s cross country and track career from 2001 – 2017, representing Ethiopia

At the Olympic Games:

2004: 5000m Bronze in Athens, Greece.
2008: 5000m Gold in Beijing, China.
2008: 10000m Gold in Beijing, China.
2012: 5000m Bronze in London, UK.
2012: 10000m Gold in London, UK
2016: 10000m Bronze in Rio de janeiro, Brazil.

Watch Dibab’s top 5 Video:

At the World Championships (Outdoors)

2002: 5000m Silver medal at WJC in Kingston, Jamaica
2003:  5000m Gold in Paris, France.
2005: 5000m Gold in Helsinki, Finland.
2005: 10000m Gold in Helsinki, Finland.
2007: 10000m Gold in Osaka, Japan.
2013: 10000m Gold in Moscow, Russia.

At African Championships

2006: 5000m Silver medal in Bambous
2008: 10,000m Gold medal in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Watch her video here: 

2010: 10,000m Gold medal in Nairobi, Kenya

    Watch her video here: 


At World Cross Country Championships


2002: Silver in Dublin Junior race

2003: Gold in Lausanne Junior race

2004: Silver in Bruxelles Senior Short race

2005: Gold in Saint-Galmier Senior Short race

2005: Gold Saint-Galmier Senior Long race

2006: Gold in Fukuoka Long race

2007: Silver Mombasa Senior race

2008: Gold in women’s senior race in Edinburgh, UK.


Thank you, Tirunesh!! We Love You!!

– EthioAthletics Network – የአትሌቲክስ መደገፊያና መወያያ መድረክ


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