Visitor Feedbacks

“As a pioneering soccer player who is now a veteran marathoner myself, I grew up playing competitive soccer since the age of 6 where ‘the national fever for soccer’ has ALWAYS outweighed Ethiopia’s global dominance in distance running!!! To find out ‘WHY’ & to shift this ‘paradigm conundrum’ is my lifetime goal, and this forum is an excellent opportunity to begin the worldwide conversation!!!”
– I. Tessema


“የኢትዮጵያ ቴሌቭዥን እስፖርት ፕርግራም ላይ ስላኢትዮጵያ አትሌትክስ ነካ ነካ አድርጎ ያልፍና ስላ ውጭ እግርኩዋስ ጉሮሮው እስክፋነዳ ድራስ ይለፈልፋሉ።ግን ቅድሚያ ለሀገር እንስጥ።EthioAthletics network page ከልብ እናመሰግናለን የሀገር ተቆርቀሪ”
– T. Mekonin


“የተባረከ ሀሳብ ነው።”
– M. Kidane